Watch AceStream in TS Player

TS Engine – the main software product that provides work of all features and capabilities of Ace Stream technology (engine to control multimedia streams).
TS Player - multimedia player (modified and enhanced version of VLC player) with a feature of online video and audio playback, via torrent files, without waiting for content download.
TS P2P Multimedia Plug-in - plug-in for a browser (based on VLC Plug-in) 
You will be able to use the most functional and the best in the world web player on pages of various sites, including YouTube and other popular video sharing, as well as on all sites using the Ace Stream technology.
Magic Player – additional extension for browsers Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome
Allows you to play online video and audio content in its original quality on the most popular torrent trackers, without any need to download torrent files and without waiting for content download.

How to watch Ace Stream link in TS Player?

1) open TS Player, it will be installed when you install Ace Stream.

2) click "Media"-->"Open Ace Stream Stream Player", or press "Ctrol+T".

3) paste the Ace Stream ID in the box, then click Playe.


watch in TS Player