What is StreamTorrent?

StreamTorrent is a new free p2p tv software using peer to peer technology. StreamTorrent which is from China have both Chinese and English language support, easy to find channels and watch sports, music, movie, news and other live tv program.

Current Version:

StreamTorrent 1.0 Build 0075 (22:34 22/01/2010)


More than 1000+ channels including all most all of the live channel can find in other live tv software like sopcast, tvants, tvu and so on.

How to watch?

Two ways:

1) search in StreamTorrent, then click open to watch the live channel.


2) click the StreamTorrent links we give you on the live streaming page, and wait some mins for end of buffering then enjoy.


StreamTorrent Links:

1 420TV StreamTorrent
2 Alv StreamTorrent
3 AzTV StreamTorrent
4 BBC StreamTorrent
5 BBC2 StreamTorrent
6 Canal 7 StreamTorrent
7 CCTV 5 HD StreamTorrent
8 CCTV 5 StreamTorrent
9 CCTV Soccer StreamTorrent
10 CSPN StreamTorrent
11 Danish Delight 2 StreamTorrent
12 Danish Delight StreamTorrent
13 ESPN China StreamTorrent
14 ESPN Taiwan StreamTorrent
15 ETV Estonia StreamTorrent
16 Footyfirst StreamTorrent
17 Fox Soccer TV StreamTorrent
18 Fox Sports StreamTorrent
19 ITV1 StreamTorrent
20 KTV3 StreamTorrent
21 M and M 1 StreamTorrent
22 M and M 2 StreamTorrent
23 NTV Spor TR StreamTorrent
24 NVS 1 StreamTorrent
25 NVS 11 StreamTorrent
26 NVS 3 StreamTorrent
27 NVS 5 StreamTorrent
28 Sky Sports 1 StreamTorrent
29 Star Sports Taiwan StreamTorrent
30 TV3 StreamTorrent
31 TVR1 StreamTorrent
32 TVR3 StreamTorrent
33 YES StreamTorrent

Download StreamTorrent:

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