Streaming for IOS(Iphone, Ipad and Mac OS X)

when an IOS link listed like link(IOS only),

Iphone and Ipad users just click the IOS link to open the streaming in Safari, for Mac OS X:

  1. Open Safari with the link
  2. Go Preferences -- Advanced and check "Show Develop menu in menu bar"
  3. Develop -- User Agent, choose Ipad

Streaming for IOS

Another way for all platform(IOS, Mac OS X, Linux, Windows and etc.):

in this way you need a Windows PC and Sopcast installed, and make your PC and the second device in the same network(LAN).

  1. Open the Sopcast link and playing it as usual
  2. Open VLC in the second device(IOS, Mac OS X, Linux, Windows and etc.)
  3. File -- open URL, input to your Windows IP address)

Streaming for IOS

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