Sopcast Guide

Sopcast guide for beginners, master hand ship this.

What is Sopcast?

Sopcast is free p2p based TV player you can watch tv program and also broadcast video and audio without a server on the Internet. It is easily use and very efficient. Sopcast is the biggest p2p TV program now, when using Sopcast, you can serve 10,000 online users with a personal computer and a home broadband connection.

Sop:// is ti's communication protocol, every Sopcast address or link begin with the "sop://" , like the http and other protocol. This means, after installing Sopcast, you can reach any Sopcast channel by type the "sop://" address in your browser address bar.

System Requirement:

  1. Winows PC with Internet Explorer 6.0 or later
  2. At least 64MB Memory
  3. Windows Media Player
  4. Min 512Kbps DSL Internet Connection. (1MB or more would be good)

How to watch Sopcast channel?

 Step by step guide for watching free live football stream on

1) Dowload and install Sopcast.

Sopcast 3.5.0 Download(Sopcast version must be 3.5.0 or below)

note: you must close all your brower to install, or you will get stoped.

2) Open the channel page using Internet Explorer(important!).

Some of us may have the system risk prompt like this:

Just right click this and select "Run ActiveX Control".

If you didn't install Sopcast, you will like this:

A red X means that you need to install Sopcast first, or you get nothing in this channel page.

3) Wait for 3-5 minute to end of bufferring.

This is depend on your network connection speed and your computer speed.

I recommend to close all the other applications, especially the other p2p based software like BT, EMule, and other download apps.

Sopcast guide

4) Enjoy watching.

when Sopcast's bufferring up to 100, you can see the channel screen and listen to the audio. What you need to do is just enjoy!

For how to use Sopcast Client, see Sopcast Manual.

Sopcast For Linux

 1. Command line Version
Please read the Readme file in this package, about the usage and library dependency.

If you need the stdc++5 library, download it here:
Note: No need to download the libstdcpp5.tgz if you can run sp-sc.

2. GUI Version

qsopcast rpm (install the 2 packages below):

The GUI versoin is developed by Liu Di and Wei Lian, thanks a lot!

Other usful tools

kill Sopcast AD

Sopcast channel list

Watch Sopcast in Firefox:

#install IETab here.
#open channel page.
#click the IETab icon in the stastus bar of Firefox.